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Ladybug Books Songs Poems

The adventures of Mr. Jack Ladybug
LadybugBook A
LadybugBook B
LadybugBook C & D & E
LadybugBook F & G
LadybugBook J & G
LadybugBook H & I
LadybugBook L
Ladybugs Ball
Ladybug's Roses and the Pharaoh of Egypt
LadybugBook M & N
LadybugBook O & P
Polka Dots
LadybugBook R & S
LadybugBook T
LadybugBook U & V
LadybugBook W
LadybugBook Dutch
A Ladybug Named Jack
Liana the Ladybug
The adventures of Mr. Jack Ladybug
Ladybugs Picnic
Lucy Ladybug
Lily Ladybug
Little Ladybug
Little Red Bug
The Ballad of a Ladybug
Grouchy Ladybug
Shiny Green Bug
Ladybird Beetles
Jolly Old Saint......Ladybug
Ladybug, Tender Your Heart
The Pumpkin And The Ladybug
Goldfish & The Ladybug
Folk Tales

Mr. Jack Ladybug was sitting on a long blade of grass in the sun. He looked like a very happy ladybug, but he wasn't really. In fact he was extremely bored. He had lived on this same lawn all his live and he knew every inch of it. He desperately desired a change. Besides the lawn was a bicycle path and Jack knew of other ladybugs who had simply hopped on a bicycle and driven of in to the wide world. But none of them had ever returned so Jack was rather afraid of following them. He had no way of knowing what lie beyond this lawn and as boring as this might be at least he led a secure life. Therefore up till now Jack had only dreamed about making a bicycle trip. But he was getting older and he knew that pretty soon he wouldn't be able to go anymore. If only he would get a sign telling him which was the right thing to do.

Unexpectedly he got his sign. A big bird came flying to him and the only way to escape from it was to hop on the bicycle that just came by. It was a nice yellow bike, with a little boy on it that was singing happy songs. And so Mr. Jack Ladybug began his great journey. He was going faster then he had ever gone before in his life. He could sit comfortably and look at his surroundings. Jack saw many fascinating things, which he would have liked to explore. But he knew that once he got of he wouldn't be able to get back on, so he had to wait for the perfect spot. After a while all these new impressions made the ladybug very tired and he dosed of. When he woke up with a start he saw the place of his dreams. It was a huge lawn with beautiful trees, bushes, flowers and a big pond. He also saw a pretty lady ladybug who was looking at him with great interest. But just as Jack wanted to get of he heard the little boy say "oh a ladybug" and he covered Jack with his hand. By the time he got free there was nothing but concrete surrounding him. Sadly Jack sat down on a rock. He had no idea from which direction he had come and he felt he would never find his way back. All hope was lost. He should have just stayed at his old lawn.

Jack had been sitting on that rock for quite some time when young girl caught him. She put him in a jar with a few leaves and a little bit of grass. Normally Jack would have been very upset by this but now he didn't care about anything anymore. The girl carried the ladybug home and she put the jar down on a shelf in her room. Then her brother came in. He had a fierce argument with his sister. Of course the ladybug didn't understand their language but he had a feeling it was about him. When the boy picked up the jar and put it in his pocket Jack got very scared. Maybe he would kill him. The boy went for a walk outside. Then he took the jar out of his pocket and screwed the lid of. "Go ladybug, fly away you're free." Carefully Jack opened his eyes. He saw the pretty ladybug he had seen a while back and the most beautiful lawn in the world. Quickly Mr. Jack the Ladybug flew out of the jar and he lived happily ever after.