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Ladybug Books Songs Poems

Jolly Old Saint......Ladybug
LadybugBook A
LadybugBook B
LadybugBook C & D & E
LadybugBook F & G
LadybugBook J & G
LadybugBook H & I
LadybugBook L
Ladybugs Ball
Ladybug's Roses and the Pharaoh of Egypt
LadybugBook M & N
LadybugBook O & P
Polka Dots
LadybugBook R & S
LadybugBook T
LadybugBook U & V
LadybugBook W
LadybugBook Dutch
A Ladybug Named Jack
Liana the Ladybug
The adventures of Mr. Jack Ladybug
Ladybugs Picnic
Lucy Ladybug
Lily Ladybug
Little Ladybug
Little Red Bug
The Ballad of a Ladybug
Grouchy Ladybug
Shiny Green Bug
Ladybird Beetles
Jolly Old Saint......Ladybug
Ladybug, Tender Your Heart
The Pumpkin And The Ladybug
Goldfish & The Ladybug
Folk Tales

Sung to: "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"
Ladybugs have lots of spots
They're yellow, red or brown.

They love to live where there are plants
Around the world they're found.
They're in the Beetle family
And it is so absurd,
That some folks call them "ladybugs"

Or even "ladybird"!
They lay their eggs upon a leaf
Their Larvae is quite small
With little legs.....the Pupa stage

Hangs on a leaf or wall.

Their favorite food is aphid pests

They eat a lot each day,

And from their legs a fluid comes

That drives their foes away.
Each beetle has six jointed legs
With which it walks or clings,

It also has two separate pairs
Of very special wings;
The first pair is quite hard and tough,
Protecting what's below:
Transparent wings that it can use
To fly where it should go!
About a hundred years ago
An awful insect pest
Was spoiling California's fruit
The farmers had no rest -

Til someone had a great idea

And from Australia came

A beetle that would save the crop:

The Ladybug by name!
Copyright Suzy Gazlay