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Ladybug Books Songs Poems

Grouchy Ladybug
LadybugBook A
LadybugBook B
LadybugBook C & D & E
LadybugBook F & G
LadybugBook J & G
LadybugBook H & I
LadybugBook L
Ladybugs Ball
Ladybug's Roses and the Pharaoh of Egypt
LadybugBook M & N
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Polka Dots
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LadybugBook Dutch
A Ladybug Named Jack
Liana the Ladybug
The adventures of Mr. Jack Ladybug
Ladybugs Picnic
Lucy Ladybug
Lily Ladybug
Little Ladybug
Little Red Bug
The Ballad of a Ladybug
Grouchy Ladybug
Shiny Green Bug
Ladybird Beetles
Jolly Old Saint......Ladybug
Ladybug, Tender Your Heart
The Pumpkin And The Ladybug
Goldfish & The Ladybug
Folk Tales

Sung to: " Clementine"
Grouchy Ladybug,
Grouchy Ladybug.
You like aphids to eat.
Why are you so very grouchy?

We wish you were
nice and sweet!

Grouchy Ladybug,
Grouchy Ladybug,
You tried to fight a whale
But you thought
he wasn’t big enough
‘Til he slapped you
with his tail!"

Grouchy Ladybug,
Grouchy Ladybug,
You have learned to be kind.
I am happy you are kind.
Now you won’t
be left behind.