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Ladybug Books Songs Poems

Lucy Ladybug
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Lucy  Ladybug
Little Lucy Ladybug
How do you take a bath?

Oh, I have a lovely bathtub
Beside my garden path.
It is a yellow buttercup,
And when it fills with rain,
I jump into my yellow bath
And jump out clean again.
Little Lucy Ladybug
Where do you go to bed?

Oh, I have a lovely bedroom
Where I lay my little head.
It is a pretty daisy,
And its sheets are sparkling white.
My pillow is a golden puff
I sleep on through the night.
Little Lucy Ladybug
Who cares for you each day?

Oh, I have a lovely Someone,
And I'll tell you, if I may...
He is the Heavenly Father,
Who made my bath-and bedroom, too;
And kindly watches over me,
And cares for me...and you!
@ The Christian Mother Goose Book