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Bugs Come Out In Spring
Sung to:"When the Saints Come Marching In"
Oh when the bugs
come out in spring
Oh when the bugs
come out in spring
I want to be
outside watching
When the bugs
come out in spring.

I'll see some crawl;
I'll see some fly
I'll count how many
go marching by
I'll watch and see
how many I know
Of the bugs that
come out in spring

Ladybug In October


Crawling through the pumpkin patch,
Ladybug you're hard to catch.
Wish I was lucky just like you -
I'd creep amongst the pumpkins too!
But now I think it's time you leave.....
To fly with the spirits on All Hallow's Eve!


Copyright Birgit Gajdos

Ladybug In Winter


Crawling through the flower garden,
Ladybug, I beg your pardon ....

Don't you think it's time to go?

Pretty soon it's going to snow!

Spread your tiny wings and fly
With Christmas angels in the sky!


Copyright Birgit Gajdos


Ladybug Fall


Ladybug, Ladybug,

Fly Away Home
Winter Is Coming,

The Summer Has Gone!
The Flowers Have Bloomed,
Autumn Leaves Are Falling
Time To Find A Cozy Spot

Til Spring Comes Calling!