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Ladybug Books Songs Poems

LadybugBook A
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LadybugBook C & D & E
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Ladybugs Ball
Ladybug's Roses and the Pharaoh of Egypt
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Liana the Ladybug
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Ladybugs Picnic
Lucy Ladybug
Lily Ladybug
Little Ladybug
Little Red Bug
The Ballad of a Ladybug
Grouchy Ladybug
Shiny Green Bug
Ladybird Beetles
Jolly Old Saint......Ladybug
Ladybug, Tender Your Heart
The Pumpkin And The Ladybug
Goldfish & The Ladybug
Folk Tales

O ladybug, ladybug, tender your heart.
Abide in a bubble till death do us part.
O how, Mr. Merlin? Alive in a lake
with death ever certain? Not while I'm awake!


O ladybug, lady, obey my command
to come and to stay in my castle of sand.
O Mr. Crustacean, I cannot comply,
for I will be free till the day that I die.


O ladybug, ladybug, hand me your hand,
for life is for lovers who live on the land.
O no, Mr. Granger. How can you compare
the life of a lover who lives in the air?


O ladybug, ladybug, feather my nest,
for you're quite a dish! O I love you the best!
On no, Mr. Robin. No dice and no deal.
I'd die of consumption to make you a meal.


O ladybug, ladybug, live in my tree.
My garden is teeming with aphids for thee.
I will, Mrs. Willow. Okay, I agree,
but welcome my friends who accompany me.


For I have two lovers (but one at a time):
the first is a flower; the second, sublime.
They're often together to play me the fool.
The first one is happy the second is cool.


Goodbye, Mr. Robin. Goodbye, Mr. Crab.
Goodbye, Mr. Granger (asleep on a slab).
Hello, Mr. Merlin! I've tender'd my heart:
A bride in a bubble till death do us part.


1998 Elsie Ann Shannon